7 Black Girl Essentials for Summer Vacation

Hey Ladies! Welcome back to HeyBLKGirl. Thanks again for taking the time to check out our latest post. With summer settling in, and most of us preparing for vacation, I wanted to share some things that I find to be absolute must-haves when it comes to going on vacation. Lets get right into it.


1. Sunscreen!


For years I was one of those black girls that didn't think she needed sunscreen. I thought I was just too dark for those problems. It wasn't until one summer where I got a bad sunburn on my shoulder that I was like whoa, get it together. BlackGirlSunscreen (all one word) is a new company that was created to provide pro-melanin protection from the sun by using natural ingredients that wont leave a white residue; or as us black folks like to say "leave you lookin' ashy". BlackGirlSunScreen is weightless, is made form natural oils such as carrot, jajoba, and almond, and is SPF 30 for guaranteed protection. BlackGirlSunscreen is currently online only at BlackGirlSunscreen.com.

2. Cute Sandals

Now I love shoes year round, but I'm truly a fanatic when it comes to sandals in the summer. Usually you'll find me on a Sunday afernoon in Target's show section slipping on 10-15 pairs of $24.99 sandals and slides. While I love cute sandals, I love them even more when they're a good price. The other day I happened to be scrolling Instagram and came across a Jamaican shoe company @LucySandalsja. These sandals are so cute and they are hand made. Now each shoe is made to order so there may be a bit of a wait time to get your unique pair, however these eye catching shoes are more than likely worth it. These are available custom orders only through Instagram.

3. Versatile Handbag


Summer time, who wants to be carrying around huge leather tote bags? I know I don't. Especially on an alcohol sponsored voyage out the country, ok? Bamboo handbags have taken over this summer, because they're lightweight, compact, and super cute. I attended the Pop-Up Soiree a few weeks ago and came across Audacity Shop. This Princeton based boutique has not only cute clothes, but cute accessories as well, with one of their must-have items being, duh, a babmboo purse! Definitely wont have to worry about shaking sand out of this at the beach. Check out Audacity Shop and get yours today.


4. Sunnies!

No vacation can even begin without sunglasses that coordinate with every single outfit you pack. My go to sunglasses are usually silver or rose gold aviator frames, but this summer I'm vibing a few of these new looks. Honey Accessories is the perfect place to shop for a broad range of on trend sunglasses. Take a look below to see for yourself. These colorful sunnies will look good from the 6 am airport voyage to the afternoon lay out by the pool. Make sure you follow Honey Accessories on Instagram because there daily sales so you can buy more and spend less. Shop Honey Accessories online & follow their social media to see what event they'll be vending at next.

5. Swimsuit on fleek!

Ok, so I'm not gonna lie... I gained like 10 pounds this summer. And guess what, my attempts to lose that weight have been a 2 on a scale of 1-10. With that being said, I've started to embrace my extra pounds, especially since they went to my butt and boobs, which means I need new swimsuits. I'm absolutely in love with the pieces from Bfyne Swim. Trust me, once you go on their website you're going to have a hard time not blowing your paycheck on a few of these pieces. They are creatively designed with bright vibrant prints, ranging form florals to African-inspired. The best part is you can buy your suits in seperates, so if you're small on the top and bigger on the bottom, or vice versa, you can customize your suit's fit. Bfyne also hasl coverups, scarfs, and accessories to complete your poolside-chic look. Swimwear and accessories can be purchased online at Bfyne.com.

6. Body Glow


No vacation is complete without a dressed up dinner look. This is when you put on your cute maxi dress with your heels and you step out to the fanciest restaurant on the island. Since the sun has gone down, no need for sunscreen, but you will want to still have that heavenly glow. This is where Butterfly Body Butter's Shea Body Polish comes in. The BBB Shea Body polish is an all natural mixture of shea butter, almond, and vitamin E oil that will moisturize while it provides a lasting shimmer through the night. You can purchase yours now on the Butterfly Body Butter website.


7. Can't Forget the Claws

How many of you watch that show Claws? Well rather you do or you don't, I don't even have to tell you how essential a good manicure and pedicure before vaca is. Support your fellow #browngirlbosses and carry a polish from Nasty Nails to your next nail appointment. Now, I'm sure from the name you can tell this isn't your average OPI or Essie nail polish. The colors are bright and vibrant and the names of these colors is equally eye-catching. Color names like Blue Balls, Squirt, Orgy Party are sure to have you and your nail tech crying tears of laughter. Nasty Nail's main site is currently down while they get ready for new inventory, however you can shop their remaining stock here.