4 Standout Instagram Aesthtics

As a Social Media Manager, one thing I try to provide my clients with is a clean and concise aesthetic. Its important, especially when using Instagram go promote yourself, your brand, and your company, that its identifiable. I'm most intrigued by pages that have a color theme or pattern. The more attractive and cohesive your Instagram, I've seen, the more views your page gets. Thus, the more followers, engagement, exposure, etc. For businesses, this 80% of the time leads to more sales for your products as well. I've gathered a group of my personal favorite Instagram profiles belonging to some pretty dope black girls, along with the types of themes (from what I can tell) they follow.

1. Same Filter for Every Photo

Allows for every photo to have the same filter or overlay giving your feed a clean look. For this, I recommend using the app VSCO Cam and playing around with the filters, exposure, brightness, and contrast levels. @darling_tee does a great job with this!


2. Pretty In Pink (Monochromatic)

JI’m not the bbiggest fan of the color pink, but I ama fan of a pink Instagram aesthetic. Pink gives off a very girly, pretty, flirty type of vibe on your profile. Most girlboss graphics are preset in pink so if you're a girly girl, Pretty in Pink may work for you. Just as you can use pink, you can also use yellow, grey, blue, red… Any color just make sure your choice color matches your brand and is present in all of your posts. My favoirte “Pink Page” is @Brunchnista! Her page is super girly, fun, and she also give great brunch tips, reviews, and recommendations.


3. Picture-Quote-Picture Pattern

Ok, this one I used to use on @HeyBLKGirl, until recently when I was archiving certain posts and ended up doing Quote-Picture-Picture as a way to switch it up and stand out. I teeter back and forth about going back to the old pattern, but anyway this one is very simple, especially if you like to post quotes and run a more lifestyle type of page. I recommend using Pinterest, either for the quotes or for quote inspiration, and Canva for making the quote posts your own. Here you’ll see how @LadiesWhoBrunchATL have arranged an aesthetically pleasing profile of pattern and monoch


4. Same Row, Same Pic

I’m not really sure what to call this profile style, or if it has a name, but this is one I’d recommend for influencers, brand ambassadors, and models. This is the method I use for my personal Instagram @mjthablogger. The only thing I hate about this style is choosing 3 post-worthy photos. Whoever is holding my iPhone when its time to take these pics is usually over me by the 10th shot, lol.


These are just some aesthetics I personally like and use on my own pages. Make sure to like and comment telling me what you think. Are there some aesthetics I’m missing? Any you find personally eye-catching? Let me know!

As always, stay bossy.