Wheeling Towards Success: Danielle the Period Problem Solver

How did you feel when you got your first period? Scared. Nervous. Ashamed. Did your parents give you the "the talk" before it happened? Did you know it was coming? Were you the first in your group of friends to "become a woman"?

We've all been there. Some of us relied on our mothers or sister to teach us the ways of the menstrual flow, while some of us had to figure it out on our own. Either way, dealing with our monthly's and allllll the things that come along with them is NEVER easy. For the young girls of today that struggle with their periods, their changing bodies, and have no one else to turn to Danielle of Wheeling Towards Success is here for YOU.

I sat down with Danielle to talk to her about the organization, Wheeling Towards Success, what it means for her, and what she hopes to teach girls who tune in to her YouTube channel for information and advice they may not feel comfortable getting from people they know.

Heres a first look at my very first on-screen interview featured on Wheeling Toward Success's YouTube channel:

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xoxo, MJ