Sunday Tips for a Better Monday

Everyone who knows me knows I am NOT a morning person, ESPECIALLY on Monday. When I worked retail & took classes, I rarely worked Mondays. And if I did I always had the afternoon shift. Now, after spending the last year and a half in a 9-5 position, its definitely safe to say I HATE MONDAYS! But who doesn’t right? Two days off that seem to fly by meanwhile the rest of the week just drags endlessly until Friday with not much to look forward to but sleeping in, errands, a little fun (maybe) and right back to Monday.

The endless cycle! Ugh!

However, 2018 I made a plan to change my perspective to better my reality, I’ve been trying to adapt this new practice of going into Mondays with a positive outlook. More prepared. Better well-rested. Tasks completed. And a good state of mind to conquer my work week. I've been putting the following 4 methods into practice and they've really helped me so I'm sharing them with you and hope your Mondays get a little better. Enjoy!

Sunday Nap
Who says naps are just for kids? In your 20’s a nice nap can definitely get you refreshed. It can help clear your mind. And if you're on a diet it'll keep you from snacking. Naps are AMAZING! I actually just woke up from one myself, lol. But seriously, I am a fan of naps and I recommend them especially on Sundays. A quick 20-45 mins if you can, just don't go h.a.m because you'll probably end up staying up until 3 am binging on 7 Seconds so keep your naps timed well.

Prep Throughout the Week
Rather you’re planning laundry, meals, blog posts, or social media posts, prepping throughout the week can free up time doing things you dread on your days off from work. I’ll do 2-3 loads of laundry sometimes during the week just so I don’t spend all weekend tied to the house. Also, things like grocery shopping are good to do during the week because the lines are shorter and better stocked. And for my content creators, I always recommend taking advantage of scheduled posting. I blog on Squarespace which allows you to schedule finished posts for future dates. Websites like Hootsuite and Planoly allow you to plan social media posts in advance so definitely use them.

Late-Night Workouts
Its still early in the new year so I know the gyms are still pretty packed during peak hours. You know, the after 5 crew. If you can’t wait until the die down of mid-late March, heres a tip: go late. I usually will hit the gym between 8 and 10 depending on how long I plan on being there. Cardio is great for late night because it gets your heart racing, blood flowing, sweaty, and tired. Especially after a long day! If you're not up for sweating out your edges, and I don't blame you, meditation may be the way to go. I recently downloaded the app Headspace and I will say its a great app if you've never meditated before. Very simple to get started and easy to use.

Self-Care Ritual
Now this is my favorite! I love some good self-care. There is nothing like a good pampering on your day off. If you’re like me and can’t afford a weekly spa trip, here is what I recommend: draw yourself a nice, hot bath, face mask (I personally recommend YESto detoxifying charcoal paper mask), and a bottle of wine (21+ of course). Play some 90’s R&B too if you’d like to mellow the mood. I'm telling you though, a weekly or bi-weekly home spa day will definitely leave you more calm and ready to take on Monday. Make sure you're also subscribed to our newsletter and social media pages so you don't miss our #SelfCareSunday tips.

Remember to share your comments, your experiences below! I love hearing back from my readers. And if you're shy and don't want to leave a comment publicly, send us a message by clicking the Contact link below. Thanks for reading.

- xoxo, MJ