Recap: 1st Time at Philly Fashion Week

Fashion Week. There’s New York. Paris. Milan. And now, Philadelphia!

For the last several years, Philly Fashion Week has grown to become a major event in the city that is home to 1.5 million people. Internationally-known Philly designers, as well as emerging local designers, gather at a location of the event’s choosing for a week long display of fashion, art, and creativity.

On the night of September 26th, I had the pleasure of attending an official PFW runway show. While I was invited to attend shows all week, my work schedule (plus the weather) only permitted for me to make it to one of the shows. However, I was very fortunate to attend this particular show, the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator Show.

The Philadelphia Fashion Incubator is an organization that binds together emerging designers with industry business professionals to provide education, resources, and hone in their skills in order to turn their skills into success. The 12 month program allows emerging designers to truly learn the business side of fashion, diving into areas such as production, public relations, marketing, branding, sales and legal. It is truly an exceptional program that I recommend applying for if you are an up-and-coming designer looking to take your brand to the next level!

The program concludes each years with the designers of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator presenting at Philly Fashion Week. Designers this year included Madelange Laroche, My Little Gent by Chanelle Halsey, Alice Alexander by Mary Alice Duff, Harx4 by Renee Huff, Truth Be Worn by Jill Marble McCabe, and Ann Luchade by Retania Ann Drain. See below for pictures from this amazing showcase. Oh, and did I mention, I was front row? ;)