#FemmeBossFriday: Jainessa Ware-Burrell

They say fashion is continuously repeating itself. In this day and age where the Chanels, Guccis, and Louis Vuittons of the world are no longer the trendsetters, top designers are looking to streetwear and "urban" culture to inspire their million dollar lines. But as most of us already know, you don't have to spend thousands to look great. And you also don't have to spend thousands for one-of-a-kind, unique pieces.

This week's girlboss spotlight goes out to Jainessa Ware-Burrell of Point Blank Vintage.


Point Blank Vintage is a resale brand specializing in unique, vintage, and streetwear clothing. Created in 2015, Clark Atlanta alumn, Jainessa Ware-Burrell began Point Blank Vintage as an extension of her personal styling brand, Point Blank (PB). "PB is an entire lifestyle brand where I do styling, personal shopping, wardrobe consulting, custom designing, and CAD design," says Jainessa, "We even offer a team to head up photo shoots. Everything you need for a shoot including photographers, make up and hair designers, styling, and models." While PB helps to bring others' visions to life, PB Vintage is a way for Jainessa to share her personal style & love for thrifting and vintage shopping with the world.

However, Jainessa admits, vintage clothing was not always something of interest to her. "When I was younger, like middle school age, you couldn't get me to go near a second hand item. Vintage or not," she laughs, "What attracts me is the uniqueness of an item is the fact that it's a high chance that no one else will have this piece and nothing else looks like it." Nowadays, Jainessa's wardrobe consists of about 80% thrift store gems. "The excitement comes when I have to piece this dope a*s shirt with these dope a*s jeans and make it work."

While PB and PBV are both fashion focused, Jainessa informs they are completely different experiences. "With personal shopping it can go a few different ways. One: if a client is just looking for something for an event or something we go based off of a look and their personal style. Always try to give options that will be out of the box of their norm but it's of course up to them," Jainessa tells. " Two: if a client is looking to just add new pieces to their wardrobe or change up their style I will basically evaluate their wardrobe, get rid of pieces, see how they want to change, and bring back a variety based on all factors. This is a little harder for the client because they have to be willing to commit to changing the way they normally dress. They also have to be willing to spend that coin," she adds jokingly.

Jainessa is currently working on opening a retail location, which she hopes to turn into a chain of thrift stores. Like most up-and-coming entrepreneurs, the hardest part of the journey is the beginning—the part where you know what you want to do but you still have to keep your 9-5 to fund the dream. Fortunately, Jainessa finds solace from her day-to-day hustle in meditation, which she also does on a daily basis. "Meditation is so healing," she shares, "It makes you so much more self aware and helps you think clearly. Add some healing crystals in there, your all set!"

Between two budding brands, a 9-5, and practicing meditation, Jainessa is always busy! "The big dream is to open a multi-boutique showcasing the work of local artists of every medium. A safe haven where your work can be displayed creatively among others and create a steady income." Til then, you can catch Point Blank Vintage (@PointBlankVintage) on Instagram to snag some vintage pieces. But definitely be quick because these pieces go fast! Also, check out PBV, along with over 20 other designers and artists, showcasing at the RAW Artist Showcase in Philly October 11th. Tickets for this event are available now online at Rawartists.org.