#FemmeBossFriday: Gigi Renee

In order to be a boss, you have to know how to hustle. And if there's one thing I can say about this week's #FemmeBossFriday is this girl is truly a HUSTLER!

Meet Janeesha "Gigi" Renee of NY based fashion line Female on Her Hustle.


A NYC native, Gigi began Female on Her Hustle back in 2013. Female on Her Hustle is a streetwear brand catering to women who go above and beyond the 9-5. These women are ambitious, they're goal-diggers, and they are not afraid to boss up when necessary. These women do what the have to to make ends-meets and come out of every challenge on top.

"Things happen and sometimes life can throw a few blows at you, but a GirlBoss makes no excuses."

Gigi's hustler mentality comes from a long line of hard-working, independent women. Her grandmother, who recently retired after working since the age of 14, and her mother, Gigi confesses are the ones who give her the strength to continue to do what she does. "My grandmother," Gigi says, "embodies so much strength and in my 26 years of living I have never ever heard her complain about working, I just saw her do whatever it takes to get the job done, and now being able to live freely,  having put in the work. So I ask myself what excuse would or should I ever have!" Her mother, who Gigi admits pushed her to put education first, embodies a fearless attitude and is willing to take risks to provide a better life for her children. "My mom always told me anything that comes easy isn't worthy, because just as fast as it comes it will go, and anything worth having requires hard work!" Gigi also finds inspiration and support from her best friend & fellow girlboss, Jazz. Like Gigi, Jazz is also an emerging business owner. Her brand Crème De La Cream, not only styles events but also sells statement accessory pieces like sunglasses, jewelry, and shoes. "She pushes me, motivates me, she doesn't tell me what I want to hear, yet what I need to hear," says Gigi. And its through Jazz's perseverance, strength, and commitment to her vision that Gigi finds what it truly means to be a girlboss. These traits she sees in the women around her have reflected onto making her the woman and entrepreneur that she is today. But with all this female boss-ness in her presence, Gigi can't forget one young man who has also been a special source of motivation—her brother. "He keeps his eyes on the prize," gushes Gigi. "My little brother re-inspired me through his own dream...His natural born leadership allows him to tune out any negativity and really focus up and have tunnel vision." His knack for relying on his own skills, talents, and work ethic inspire Gigi to keep going hard for her dreams everyday.

"A girl boss is one who listens, learns, and then leads. She inspires, empowers and holds it down! Ambitious girl!"

In addition to maintaining the Female on Her Hustle brand, Gigi is also running a non-profit organization, Hustle w/ Heart. Coming this November, Female on Her Hustle presents Hustle w/ Heart 2nd Anniversary Giveback. The organization's motto, 'Another man trash is another man treasure!', will be donating unwanted goods ranging from clothing and shoes to gently used home supplies to charity. If you are interested in making a donation, contact @Femaleonherhustle on Instagram for more info.

Great job, Gigi! We can't wait to see more from you and Female on Her Hustle!