Sorry For The Wait - MJ

Distractions will do you in, in the truest sins. - Drake, Do Not Disturb

Hey BLK girls! I know, it's been a minute since the last time you all got a post from me. I can't even give myself an excuse for not posting. Honestly I was pretty much in a writing funk. Like I just could NOT find the energy or strength to write, think about writing, post on social media, nothing. I definitely hit a slump. We all go thru it. Especially when our 9-5's are just putting us in the absolute worst of moods. Also dad some distractions of the male form *inserts rolled eyes emoji* But I remained on social media and as most of you all will see I follow some pretty dope girlbosses who are all so inspirational and pretty much motivate me to get on my boss shit too! Girls like Milan of @Milanodirouge, model/author Raelia Lewis, and stylist Radiya of @thenewclassic really are about their work and their passions and seeing them post everyday and actually striving in their respected fields is really what woke me up and made me say to myself "Stop bullshitting and get to work!"

With that being said, I've been really thinking about the direction I'm going with HeyBLKGirl, how I want myself and my life to play a more active role in the posts, as well as trying to spread the word on up and coming girlbosses. So definitely don't get weary on me. I promise I'm working on some really great things and can't wait to share them with you all. There's some really amazing posts coming very, very soon! Thanks for the continued support and please feel free to reach out for collabs, posts, product reviews, anything!

Stay bossy.