#FemmeBossFriday: Alnika Lovello

Diversity. Its one of the key things that makes a society flourish. Rather in the worlds of fashion, music, or politics, diversity is key for societal advancement. Lovello Elizabeth is one brand that stands on diversity and integration, beginning with designer and owner, Alnika Lovello.

Alnika is a South Philadelphia native of Black and Italian descent. Her brand, Lovello Elizabeth, embodies her, mixing simple, yet complex, versatile style into looks of casual luxury. Beginning in 2014, Lovello Elizabeth started off with a men's jogger set and logo t-shirts and has quickly expanded to women's and kids. All pieces are hand-designed by Alnika and she critiques, executes, and promotes each piece through the brand's Instagram page @lovelloelizabeth and through the streets of Philly. Lovello Elizabeth has been seen on many celebrities including rappers Dej Loaf, PNB Rock, and FashionBombDaily.com editor Claire Summers. Lovello Elizabeth has been featured on countless fashion & style blogs, as well as featured at a number of Philly fashion and art events.

Alnika, while only 25, has a brand that is quickly growing and expanding. She credits her willpower for creating and progressing Lovello Elizabeth to her desire to provide for herself, family and friends. "I can't give up on this lifestyle." And as any young entrepreneur will tell you, things are not always easy. There are many obstacles, many trials, and many setbacks. And sometimes your own self can be all of those things. Alnika, herself, credits a fear of failure has sometimes made her not act on a idea and that has been the most difficult part of her journey; learning to take action and see if it works. If it doesn't, start over. "Everyday is pretty much a challenge," Alnika admits, "I think I'm just learning to deal with things and accept the fact that things will happen and can't be changed and just continue to push forward and work hard!"

We are so excited to see whats next for Lovello Elizabeth and will continue to support this young boss. To read more on Alnika, Lovello Elizabeth, or shop the brand, visit LovelloElizabeth.com