#FemmeBossFriday: Kayla Thomas

"Be that girl who wakes up with purpose and intent."

Be that girl.. All of us, at one point or another have aspired to be THAT girl. That girl that is confident, smart, ambitious, a leader, comfortable in her own skin, makes her own rules.. And some of us have become THAT girl. And then there are others who still need a little help finding out how to become her. And this is what 24 year old Kayla Thomas hopes to do through her blog, LiveLikeK.


LiveLikeK.com is a fashion-beauty-lifestyle blog started by Kayla "K" Thomas to inspire young African American woman to be comfortable in their own rights. I came across K's blog when she reached out to me via Instagram a little while ago, introducing herself and her blog. What I loved most about this interaction was K's confidence. As emerging bloggers, its sometimes an uneasy feeling when reaching out to artists, brands, or even other bloggers because there's always that fear of rejection. Will I get a response? Does this person feel my blog fits their brand? Am I known enough to bring attention to this person's work? All things we as bloggers think of when trying to brand ourselves. We are sometimes hesitant to contact others not knowing if they will respond to our messages or want to take the time to hear our stories. So when K reached out to me I was more than happy to check out her blog and learn about her and LiveLikeK.com.

About "K": Kayla Thomas is a Maryland native who recently graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising from Morgan State University. Growing up, K was raised with her two sisters by their single mother, who instilled a go-getter mentality in her girls. That ambition and work ethic has grown with K over the years, pushing her to aspire to become an influencer in the fashion and beauty world. Following in the footsteps of her mother, K hopes to be a source of inspiration for young African American women and to pass along the hustler mentality she was given.

About LiveLikeK.com: LiveLikeK was created to serve as a platform to help African American women learn to follow the beat of their own drums. To live life with the purposes they see fit for themselves & not subside to social standards and expectations. To teach women that life is what you make it and to live everyday to its fullest. K utilizes her blog to share her life, her experiences, her growth and the things she loves. Her mission is to create an escape for her readers to find themselves and help them reach their full potential. Be that girl that is confident, ambitious, and in control of her future.

LiveLikeK.com is definitely a blog to keep your eye out for.

Can't wait to see whats next K!

-Stay bossy, MJ




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