Follow MJ: Let Them Eat Cake!

"Empowered women empower women." -Unkown

This past November, I had the pleasure of attending a modern day tea party hosted by an emerging designer by the name of Cierra Jaye' of Thrilla Seven. The event, #LetThemEatCake, brought together 100 women for an afternoon of tea & empowering conversations. While it was every intention of having #HBG up & running by then, I felt like this was the perfect time to hit a #throwbackthursday and reminisce on this amazing event!

So the event was hosted at the Maas Building in my hometown of Philly. The space was absolutely stunning! Exposed brick and natural wooden beams lined with flowers and lights epitomized a modern day tea party. The rows of long tables laced in white linens, flowers, and hand-fans bearing inspirational quotes & messages seated all 100 women in attendance, along with the event's creator, Cierra Jaye. By the grace her grace, along with her all female panel, designer Milan Rouge of Milano Di Rouge and fashion blogger Ivy "Coco" Maurice of, 100 women were gathered to engage, embrace, and best of all eat! And did I mention, this was all on National Women's Empowerment Day? How perfect?!

So, the event kicked off with guest speaker, Nathalie Nicole, founder of #iLovePlush and #WomenWhoBoss, sharing with us her experiences, struggles, and triumphs working to become a self-made success. She shared her trials and tribulations, how she struggled to finish college, and how she struggled finding her true path. However, through her faith in God's will, Nathalie figured out a way to become successful: going into business for herself. And then began the Girlboss Panel. Mediated by the very poised Naomi of Access By NKC, Cierra, Milan, and Ivy were asked a series of questions pertaining to life as young, black girlbosses. Topics addressed included building the right team, creating your own lane in various industries, the importance of celebrating your accomplishments, sacrificing time with family & friends, and the advice they would pass on to other aspiring girlbosses.

"Kneel to no one & bow only to God." - Milan Rouge

All of the women credited their success to God and having a strong support system. Faith is one of the most important things to have when being a girlboss, as all of the women agreed, because there are times when you are really tested. Your patience is tested. Your strength is tested. Hell your relationships with family and long time friends and significant others are tested. But your faith and surrounding yourself with like-minded people who genuinely believe in your brand will get you through those trials. Cierra, Milan and Ivy also shared some of their relaxation tips as well as their ideal work environments. Cierra, crediting tea as one of her biggest means of relaxation, while Milan and Ivy agreed that an inspirational, stress-free and organized space help them to get their work done. Also, remembering to put time aside for yourself and taking a breather from time to time, the ladies all agreed, will keep you sane.

So many personal stories and pieces of advice were shared that afternoon, but my biggest take-away from listening to these young women speak was that your brand is you. Your brand is a reflection of you, your goals, and your beliefs. Not investing in your brand is like not investing in yourself. In my eyes, Hey BLK Girl is me, so everything I do with Hey BLK Girl needs to be a representation of me. This is what will separate me & my blog from the hundreds and thousands of other bloggers in the cyber world. Staying true to myself. And this is something I want every girlboss to remember when reading this post. No matter what you're interested in—fashion, music, art, or just being a successful entrepreneur—you are your biggest project. Never stop working on yourself and never stop believing in your dreams.

Stay Bossy,