New Year, New...

Man oh man.. 2017! Seems like just yesterday I was in high school, working a part-time job, and preparing for college. Now I look back and I'm thinking to myself, damn where did time go?! Life went from worrying about prom to 'Crap my rent is due' and 'No, I am not making an alumni donation, please stop sending me letters'. Now I understand why the older folks were always saying "Enjoy it while you're young."

Anyway, as we all know, with the embarking of a new year, there are always New Year Resolutions, right? We make all these plans to change ourselves and our lives. Go to the gym, start saving, drink more water... you know, all those things we should already be doing but never actually do? If you're one of those people who brought in the New Year setting resolutions for yourself, I'm here to advise you, forget them now!  

I know you're probably thinking by now, wait, what's wrong with New Year's resolutions? Well nothing... but let's be real here. How many of us actually resolve those resolutions come the next year? Not many right? And that's typically because around April-May, you've forgotten all about all the things you told yourself you were going to change in January & are right back at square 'last year'. How do I know this? Because I, too, do the saaaaaame thing every single year.

So, to change that, what I've decided to do in 2017 is instead of making one big goal for myself this year, I'm going to make 12 small, more attainable goals to accomplish every month. This way, with every 30 days, I can legitimately say I've made a change to my life. Starting with January: buy a planner. Sounds easy right? You bet! 

I picked up this lovely little planner of mine at my local Marshalls for 7.99! What I love most about this planner is that it's so big and it was big calendar spaces, but also room on the sides to write more detailed notes in. Planners are really great items to have and are a great way to organize your schedules, ideas, goals, and keep track of your life. Another perk, once it's filled up, you can look back at all the amazing things you've done throughout that year! See, that easy. January goal, check! February is next. My goal: complete & submit my passport application. I've been procrastinating this for the last year. Not again!

If you'd like to follow my 2017 monthly goal crushing journey, or share yours as well, use the hashtag #GoalfortheGold17 on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I'd love to see what we all get accomplished this year! 

Stay bossy,



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