If You're Reading This...

If you're reading this, let me start off by saying "Thank you."

With HeyBLKGirl, I want to emphasize the achievements and triumphs of black girls that the world isn't familiar with...or at least not familiar with yet! Growing up, I didn't have many role models. I always saw my mom work hard, so I knew that I had to work hard in anything and everything that I set out to do. And you know, growing up in the 90's and being a teen in the early 2000's, there weren't many darker skinned women in the media. So I never idolized celebrities or famous people because to me, they didn't come from where I came from, and I had no real connection with them. I liked what they put out to the world, but I never felt as if they were "inspiring".

Fast forward to present, with the rapid growth of social media, we are given a more personal look into the lives of the celebrities we see and hear everyday. If you aren't Beyonce or Kerry Washington, and aren't a reality star or Instagram model turned girlfriend of some famous rapper/athlete, its not as easy to become "famous". This is where the issue lies. Unfortunately, our young girls still don't have the proper role models or female faces that come from some of the same backgrounds as they do or have made success in fields other than entertainment.

What I set out for HeyBLKGirl to be a beacon of inspiration to young women and girls who aspire for something other than social stardom. The main focus is to highlight emerging black female faces in music, fashion, art, and philanthropy. To give young girls real life stories of women who worked their way from nothing to success. I feel like black communities lack inspiration from eachother and from within. Seeing someone who came from the same situations and made it out and made something of themselves, I think, is more empowering than any celebrity figure. Which is why, through HeyBLKGirl I hope to motivate and encourage young black women, while also empowering those that are already on the process to making their dreams come true.

And of course, we'll still stay up-to-date on current trends, social and cultural issues, as well as provide beauty tips & tricks, and invite you, our readers, to openly discuss various topics that impact the lives of black women. We are also open to any and all feedback, as well as helping spread light on working women, making strides in their fields. So if you or anyone you know fits the future girlboss description, or you'd like to see a certain topic or product discussed, feel free to send an email to heyblkgirl@gmail.com.

Again, thank you for visiting and we hope to see you back again...and again...and again ❤️

Stay bossy,